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Our Process

The BenePro Process

We have carefully designed our process to help you measure and maximize the return on your employee benefits spend. At BenePro, we have identified 8 core outcomes that should be achieved as a result of your human capital investment.

The ability to identify and measure these outcomes will drive the maximum return on your investment. These core areas are vital to creating an organization that not only attracts the best employees, but retains them as well.


Engage and educate your employees on their role of being good stewards of your healthcare spend.

Cost Containment

Access to innovative plan design, funding, and cost
containment strategies to lower cost.


Keep the value perception of your benefits offering high in the mind of your employees.


Understand and research your benefit efficiency compared to similar companies.


Equip your employees with resources to make the best personal health decision.


The ability to improve performance and ease of


Interpret and manage the financial and administrative impact of Healthcare Reform on your business. Mitigate
compliance risk and streamline compliance efficiencies.

Audit Information Accuracy

Overseeing claims accuracy, enrollment, network
discounts, and RX discounts.

Ready to scrutinize your investment?

This Process is Pivotal to Your Success

During our meeting, we focus on the above outcomes that can be achieved as they relate to your benefits program. We understand that plan design and execution is an important role we play, however, to focus on getting you the best return for your money we need to expand our vantage point.

Spending a little time together, in a discovery setting, will give us a better understanding of your organization and what we can accomplish together.

After we gather our information, we customize a plan designed specifically around your needs. We will share with you the tools, capabilities and strategies that BenePro will utilize to get you to that next level!

This is a visualization of the BenePro Process.