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BenePro Health Care Coalition

Why Join the BenePro Health Care Coalition?

The BenePro Health Care Coalition is a purchasing alliance that allows small to mid-size employers to aggregate together to receive the same cost breaks as larger companies. It focuses on reducing costs and on the employee’s well-being while enabling companies to keep their own plans.

This Coalition is built on a strong foundation of experience, shared reinsurance pools and a hefty toolbox of education and services. Employers are groomed to become health care cost-cutting engines, where employees are engaged and advocates of their own health care spend. By implementing these cost-cutting strategies, the annual pooled premium usage reduces and at the end of the plan year you actually see a refund!

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The BenePro Health Care Coalition Standout Highlights

Plan Design

Standard PPO and HMO Plans
Pharmacy carve out (variable specialty co-payments, etc.
with international sourcing)
Risk Stability
Shared Captive Reinsurance Market

Cost Management

Population Health Management/Predictive Modeling
Nurse Management
Direct Contracting
Bulk Purchasing
Refund of unused premiums

Looking at the Numbers

If there is one thing that experts agree on is that health insurance premiums in 2021 will rise.
It is just a matter of how much. The Coronavirus (COVID-19) has not only impacted our economy but is having a huge impact on insurers. The BenePro Health Care Coalition will help you mitigate future risk.

Estimated increase of
employee benefit costs
for 2020 due to COVID-19

Plans on average
27% less than
fully-funded plans

Average per employee
year savings for
coalition members