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Health Care Coalition

What is a Healthcare Coalition?

A healthcare coalition is a purchasing alliance that allows small to mid-size employers to aggregate together to receive the same cost breaks as larger companies. We focus on reducing costs and on the employee’s well-being while enabling companies to keep their own plans.

Coalition Highlights:

Plan Design

Standard PPO and HMO Plans Pharmacy carve out (variable specialty co-payments, etc. with international sourcing) Risk Stability

Shared Captive Reinsurance Market

Cost Management

Population Health Management/Predictive Modeling Nurse Management Direct Contracting Bulk Purchasing Refund of unused premiums

We’re Partnering with Automation Alley

Automation Alley is a considered to be Michigan’s knowledge center to help organizations with their digital transformation. Their educational focus is towards Industry 4.0, which centers around an organization improving their processes, culture and finances. We have joined together to bring our Healthcare Coalition to its members. Automation Alley is the ideal partner to launch this coalition with as Automation Alley’s members just “get it”. They understand that when you are able to save money from areas such as your human capital spend, while still continuing to provide your employees a superior plan, it frees up valuable resources to focus on creating a competative technological edge over your competition.

When Was the Last Time You Got Money Back From Your Benefit Spend?

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