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Month: November 2015

Be Prepared for the Next Big Storm

Storm preparation, whether for a hurricane, blizzard, or other natural disaster is critical for surviving the event with minimal impact.

Access Denied

We’ve become a very connected society, but that doesn’t mean we want to share everything with everybody.

When the C-Suite Gets Seriously Sick

Someone in the C-Suite of a company gets sick. I’m not talking about a cold or flu; I’m talking about a major, possibly even terminal, illness.

The Security of Smart Gadgets

If you’re Inspector Gadget, you might say, “Go-go gadget security!” but for the rest of us we’re stuck with the task of keeping our smartphones, tablets, wearable technology, and any other connected devices (collectively known as the “Internet of Thing…

I Like Wellness. Yes, I do! I Like Wellness. How ‘Bout You?

With apologies to the rock band Queen, we are the champions (of wellness), my friends.