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2022 Legal Update:

2022 Legal Update: Employers are not required to comply with the OSHA ETS vaccination and testing mandate at this time.

OSHA ETS Vaccination and Testing Mandate Attn: Private employers with 100 or more employees are affected Last week, on Jan. 13, 2022, the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS)…
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group health insurance

Hit or Myth? Debunking the Top 3 Group Health Insurance Myths

With big structural uncertainties making company health insurance premiums less predictable—and potentially more impactful—than at any time in recent memory, small and mid-sized companies are highly motivated to find popular…
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COVID-19 and its Impact on 2021 Employee Benefit Premiums

If there is one thing that experts agree on is that health insurance premiums in 2021 will rise. It is just a matter of how much. The Coronavirus (COVID-19) has…
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Why Now is a Perfect Time to Consider Self-Funding Your Employee Benefit Plan

Healthcare costs are rising and employers are being forced to raise deductibles, raise their employees’ share of premium and limit overall coverage. These changes directly impact employees, and in this…
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