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Month: February 2013

Training, Benefits Can Bring Millennials Around

An emerging trend is posing a tough challenge to HR professionals: how to encourage "millennials" — today’s youngest workers — to adapt and succeed within a company’s business culture.

March Webinar: Getting Ready for 2014: Part 2

Calculating the potential "play or pay" penalties under the health care reform law can be complicated. Learn what you need to do at our March webinar.

Self-Funding and PPACA

For many businesses, the bottom line is that self-insuring a group medical plan might be a way to avoid additional costs and constraints of PPACA.

Leadership and Effective Teams

Leaders of organizations large and small are getting pulled in many different directions. It is easy to see how a leader can focus on shareholder returns or profitability instead of what really matters – the people.

The Check is NOT in the Mail

What will happen to the burgeoning population of retirees in future decades who find not only their retirement underfunded but also their health care?

UBA CEO to Host Webinar on Benefits Design

An industry expert will share how benchmarking data can help employers get the most out of their benefits offerings in a Feb. 27 webinar.

Gadgets Stir Security Worries for HR

While advances in technology can spawn increased productivity and lower costs for a company, security concerns about the use of mobile devices and social media remain a hot-button issue for employers and HR professionals.

Health Care Reform and the Benefits Renewal Process

Mishandling or delaying the question of health benefits now can carry a big price tag in dollars, reputation, competitiveness, retention, employee engagement or a combination of all of the above.

Significant Changes for Health Care Providers, Health Plans, and Their Business Associates and Subcontractors in Final HIPAA Privacy Regulations

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services published its long-awaited final privacy and security regulations under HIPAA.

Making the Right Investment in Benefits: How the Winning Companies Do It

Are the benefits you provide valued by employees and effective in achieving your goals? Fine-tune your benefits program by attending our webinar.