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Month: January 2012

Feb. Webinar: Communicating with Benefit Plan Participants in the Digital Age

The February installment of the Employer Webinar Series will explore compliance requirements and challenges of electronic notices for benefit plans.

New Year Brings Extra W-2 Duty for Many

A new health care coverage reporting rule kicks in for many employers this year.

Compliance Alert: More Guidance on W-2 Reporting

The IRS has issued more guidance on W-2 reporting of health care coverage.

Benefits Briefing: Loss of Privilege Woes

Designating the "company" or "employer" as an ERISA fiduciary can unintentionally subject the employer’s executive officers and board of directors to ERISA’s fiduciary standards, and potentially to personal liability.

In Brief:

Tailoring communications to workers’ age groups can boost engagement, but most employers fall short, a survey notes.

Benefits Briefing: ‘Conflicted’ Retirement Advice

A new statutory exemption from the prohibited transaction rules (designed to expand the availability of fiduciary investment advice to participants in individual account plans and IRAs, subject to specific safeguards and conditions) are now in effect.

In Brief: DOL Delays Benefits Summary Rules

The Department of Labor delays the deadline for employers to comply with new rules regarding the Summary of Benefits and Coverage (SBC).

Failing to Notify Participants of Plan Changes Can Be Costly

Among ERISA’s many notice and disclosure obligations, the requirement to timely inform participants of important plan changes is one that is too often overlooked.

EEOC Move Adds New Compliance Wrinkle to Wellness Programs

A regional office within the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) has ruled that incentives offered to employees’ spouses to complete a health risk assessment are a violation of the Genetic Information and Nondiscrimination Act (GINA).